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The children and the space

We try to help children who are most in  need.

We carefully select charitable organizations and municipal centres that help disadvantaged children, 

such as foster-care centers or organizations hosting after-school activities and providing a home-away-from-home. 

We run technology classes and activities at the premises of these organizations (the Host Organizations), 

for children aged 8-12 years old.

The classes

We run classes of 8 to 10 children, so that every group has children of similar age.

All teaching is in the form of hands-on, interactive activities.

When possible, we do so in the presence of a pedagogue staff or volunteer from the host organization.

We work with educators with both degrees  and extensive teaching experience in information technology,

who love children and who can bring creativity and enthusiasm to the classroom.

In part we use curriculum provided by one of our partners, and in part we create our own activities.

But in all cases, we aim to customize material to the children in each group, to their interests and needs.

The equipment

We provide all necessary equipment, such as laptops, printers and robotics kits.

We leave the equipment with the host organizations, for children to use after class. 

This gives children a safe physical space to practice and explore, under appropriate supervision by host organization.

In some cases, this also draws children to spend more time with the organizations, participate in more activities

and interact more with other children in a productive setting.

Our Classes

Our Classes

our activities

We provide children with basic digital skills through interactive activities. Some examples of the activities we run include,

  • Making our own comic books on Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Creating a stop motion animation video with characters and storyline thought out by the children

  • Using the internet to create our own crossword puzzles, that we can then give to friends and family to play along

  • Creating and programming robots to do as we tell them

  • Finding pieces of art we like online and using the computer to create our own digital versions

  • Creating our own posters on Microsoft Word

  • Presentations by professionals in various fields on how technology is useful to them, and them helping us learn something new, like creating a song with music software with the help of a musician!

We also focus on building confidence, so that children can discover and use new programs and apps, on their own, to match their needs.

Take a look!

Our Activities

our curriculum

Providing foundations in IT

​Our curriculum is centered around specific educational goals according to the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens (also known as DigComp), which was created by the European Commision with the aim of developing a common set of goals in the field of developing digital skills. These cover categories such as finding and evaluating information, communication & collaboration, creating digital content, safety, and problem solving. 

Showing how technology is everywhere


How it is used by children like them every day;

How it has changed, and will keep changing, how we do things, 

How it has reduced geographic, social and economic barriers, creating new difficulties, but also new opportunities, for life and work.

Our Curriculum

Focusing on safety

​We put safety first, by helping children understand how to recognize scams, report abuse and respond to cyber-bullying. How to behave online and how to manage their digital profile. And, ultimately, how to use technology safely, securely and responsibly. 

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